Long Nights and Early Mornings

Working for a new company can be difficult, working for an old company with a new owner can be even more difficult. Through trial and error you see what works and what doesn’t, especially in the restaurant business.

About a month ago, I started working for a company which I’ll call Heavenly Chicken, to protect the business. Heavenly Chicken has had several owners over the course of the past few years and was bought by the current owner in late last year, it is now Mid-January and I’ve been (burdened) as the new manager. I wouldn’t use the word burdened if I didn’t mean it. I love the place don’t get me wrong, but the owner has no clue what he’s doing.
He’s a felon with the hopes of making this place work. A few years ago he got caught up on some drug charges and did some jail and prison time, which is why he bought Heavenly Chicken; since every company is not jumping at the chance to have someone with a bad-rap and a record on their side of the fence. Anyways, I’ve been thrown into a position where, I need a stable income with a flexible boss whilst trying to cope with my relationship problems and mental stability. I’ve got that, somewhat, here’s where the catch is, I’m getting paid barely over minimum wage to do what a CEO does. Marketing, managing, inventory, payroll, making company decisions, creating and changing the menu, and communicating business strategies and implementing new ideas with the owner. I’m over worked and under paid, to say the least. Coping with the disgusting atmosphere, and poor-attituded co-workers that are just riding the waves instead of uplifting the business, I’m stuck with my bullshit wage and ever dependent boss/owner.