Sit here and contemplate,

I realize that you are my only escape.

I fall into the depths,

And wonder what i would become, without.

Trying to fathom is trying, to imagine.

can’t do that without a sip

I need you, But who ?

Falling into an abyss

the only one that’s ever been missed,

Been missed

Collecting in the drains

Falling, it is rain

Never have been so paralyzed

Never seen such beautiful eyes

Such deep curious grey skies

Lights are on,

Walking through the house.

Never more in need,

Never more displeased.

Searching for an answer,

All i can find is dispair.

Where art thou my dear.

Where art thou my dear.

Flames rising from the ashes,

Looking still no answers.

Smoke fills the room,

Cloudy dazed and blue.