Advice on Dating 

Advice on dating- I need some help here! 

Long story (kind of short)- I was talking as friends to a guy my boyfriend knew in the past, let’s call him Bradley, Bradley and I had a completely innocent friendship. He dated my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend, and was now dating someone else. I’m dating the love of my life. After C (my boyfriend) found out about this friendship, not like I was hiding it, he started talking to a female whom I’ve never talked to, but he recently bought a piece of art from. Well this girl, has completely gotten my boyfriend in rounds of conversation that I haven’t even gotten out of him. He lets me read their messages if I ask, which I don’t do often, but he talks to her almost like he used to talk to me, before him and I started dating. He seems so interested in her. Well tonight, he left his phone open and on the bed, and I checked his Snapchat and she revealed things in a paragraph starting with “I’ve never ever told anyone this before”, and I don’t know why, but that really breaks my heart. Now don’t get on me for looking through his phone, because we have an “open phone” policy. He can check mine whenever he wants and I can check his whenever I want. But tell me, am I being irrational for having these feelings about this girl? I don’t hate her, but I feel like she has some sort of agenda here. And I don’t like it. 


How do you “adult”?¬†

I’m having a very hard time adulting. I believe most of Generation X is still trying to figure it out.

So picture this. A 20 year old, attractive, female, smart, level-headed. 

 Ok now get this.

Bought her first car on her own when she was 18, a year later it broke and had a hard time finding a job because her mom was dedicated to her grandkids. Finds a new job at 19 but is sexually harassed, quits said job. Finds a new job, job pays well, buys new car on a loan, is fired for calling out one of the managers on illegal things Manager was doing. 

Endless stream of not being happy and involved in hostile workplaces because people are straight up scummy. Typically the generation right before GenX. 

Girls moves into a house with her boyfriend and his brother that their family bought for us to rent out. 

Girl is struggling to pay for car parts, groceries, feminine products, and general necessities. Girl puts those things on a credit card, frequently pays minimum. Girl maxes out credit cards. Girl can no longer pay minimums on credit cards and still can’t afford groceries,etc

What the hell is a girl to do?! 

Im struggling to write this because there’s a lot more involved. 

This story happens to be more than real. I have been sobbing the entire time writing this. I didn’t get a break, I still can’t catch one. But I’m trying

And I can tell you, I’m poor. I don’t come from a poor family, I don’t come from a wealthy family either. But when you have no available resources, what do you do?! Please someone I need guidance, I need hope. I need to know that there ARE better days.